Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Recognize and initiate early management of pre-arrest conditions that may result in cardiac arrest or complicate resuscitation outcome
  • Demonstrate proficiency in providing BLS care, including prioritizing chest compressions and integrating AED use
  • Manage cardiac arrest until the return of spontaneous circulation, transfer of care, or termination of resuscitation
  • Identify and treat ischemic chest pain and expedite the care of patients with acute coronary syndromes
  • Recognize other life-threatening clinical situations, such as stroke, and provide effective initial care and transfer to reduce disability and death
  • Demonstrate effective communication as a member or leader of a resuscitation team and recognize the impact of team dynamics on overall team performance

Upon completion the student shall be able to

  • Identify and treat pediatric patients
  • Maintain and treat life threatening injuries in the pediatric patient
  • Determine the difference in stable vs non stable patient's
  • Know the difference in assessment of pediatric age groups compared to adult patient's
  • Perform an assessment on the pediatric patient using a skill based scenario

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Complete scene size up using PPE
  • Recognizing mechanisms of injuries and assessing accordingly.
  • Determine critical vs. non-critical patients. 
  • Be able to complete patient assessment successfully determining life threatening injuries.
  • Adequately package and treat patient's given a specific scenario in the 10 minute time limit.
  • Complete written and practical exams with a passing grade. 

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